Support Your Team & Own a Piece of Legacy!

Donate for high resolution digital copies or a print to fuel the success of your designated team. See options & club member perks below.

High-Res Digital Copy1
$5 for 5 photosCardinal Club member gets 10 photos instead of 5. Additional 10% off for advanced purchase before the games. Yes, that’s $4.5 for 10 photos for members. High resolution is ideal for yearbook, senior posters, editing, and prints.

Photo PrintDigital Copy Included
$5 for 3.5 x 5 inches – This is a compact size often used for mini-albums, wallets, or displaying multiple photos in a collage.

$8 for 8 x 10 inches – This is a versatile size that offers a good balance between detail and size. It’s popular for framed photos on walls or tabletops and works well with portraits or landscapes.

$60 for 16 x 20 inches – Cardinal Club member has the option to get your print signed by either your coach, coach E, or the Principal. These are considered large format prints and are ideal for creating a dramatic impact in spacious rooms or galleries. They require high-resolution photos to maintain quality at this size.

All print orders enjoy a 10% off for advanced purchase before the games.

How to Order?

You can either purchase now with discount before the games or later when you see the photos you want. You can gift your purchase to someone. Simply email Cardinal Club photographer John Lee ( [email protected] ) what you want. Choose any photo from the Media Library. Download or take a screen shot of the photos that you want to order, and send them to John via email. Order confirmation email (normally within a day) contains information about the official Cardinal Club donation page for payment, after which digital copies will be sent to your email ASAP. Print orders will be ready to pickup within 1-2 weeks. We use local print shop Bay Photo to ensure quality prints (not sponsored in any way), and eliminate the use of fee-based e-Commerce ordering system.

1 High resolution digital copy has a resolution of 4K or above.

2 Simply mention that you are a member and the name associated with your membership purchase.